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Miami University: Oxford, OH

Graduated with a bachelors degree majoring in finance with a minor in entrepreneurship.


Table Top Technologies, Founder

Award winning business plan focused on creating networked restaurants with screens on each table that allow customers to order their meals directly.


Global Amusement Consulting LLC, Founder

Bootstrapped startup that built and managed games & attractions in Amusement parks.



Image Info, Sales

Software platform that allowed designers and clothing manufacturers to build "Look Books" on the fly.


Mobile Commons, VP of Business Development

A pioneering company in the SMS space. I helped hundreds of companies launch thousands of text messaging campaigns. Mobile Commons was acquired by Upland Software in 2016.


@Mssg, Founder

Technology platform that powers automated conversations over Facebook Messenger. @Mssg helps organizations turn messaging into a marketing channel.

Things that I've


Functional NFTs

This post describes future potential use cases for NFTs & Web3. At some point the "speculation" use case will run it's course and users will expect Web3 and NFT products to work. This post describes functional NFT use cases where Web3 will have a specific advantage over the current options.

| 2022 | Content |


@Mssg turns Messenger into a marketing channel. The @Mssg software platform helps any Facebook Page create automated conversations that collect data and drive action from users. Focused on Messenger's unique features help companies drive acquisition, engagement and activation.

| 2017-2018 | Startup |

The Messaging Plabook

The Messaging Playbook highlights the top 4 marketing use cases for Facebook Messenger. It's a step by step guide that shows any marketer how to design and launch messaging campaigns that focus on existing KPIs. The Playbook helps any marketer turn Messenger into a marketing channel.

| 2017 | Content |

The Chat Bubble

A podcast about messaging. Part interview and part informational, The Chat Bubble is a podcast that discusses the comapnies, channels and campaigns relevant to the messaging world. The top source for audio information on SMS, Facebook Messenger & new platforms.

| 2016+ | Media |

Original Trivia

Daily trivia game over Facebook Messenger. Every weekday at 2 ET players recive a Facebook Message that starts the quiz. The first person to answer all the questions correctly wins a prize.

| 2018 | Messaging Project |


Receiving packages is a problem. SignedFor built a network of local businesses that accept packages for people in the neighborhood and the software to power delivery notifications.

| 2015-2016 | Project |

About Me

A career is about what's been building. Whether that means relationships, product or culture, creation is at the center of everything. The most successful groups I've been a part of have a mission, allow for individual autonomy and include groups of people that have fun together.

I've been fortunate enough to develop a unique perspective of how people communicate when they actually care about something.

Michael Sabat